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Flute Class

for beginners

with John Dumas


• Beautiful sound

• Releases tension

• Fun / Easy to learn

• Relaxing / Healing

Includes a professional quality craftsmanship Cedar Native American Flute. Plus 3 hours of instruction to get you playing right away!

Cost: $120 with 4 people min and 10 max. Requires a 2 week preregistration to reserve your flute.

"I heard how playing the flute and creating music enhanced people’s lives.  I heard stories from caregivers, how playing their flute eased their patient’s discomforts.  Other therapeutic stories, involving people with asthma or C.O.P.D., war veterans who found comfort in playing their flute.  Teenagers suffering from self-esteem issues were suddenly finding confidence, and who found joy at having a new way to express their feelings."
~ Odell Borg on High Spirits Blog
"One of the healing aspects of playing a branch flute is the peace of mind that it can bring, helping to quiet the thoughts and connect us to our Heart, where Peace itself resides."
~ Jon Sherman, Dryad Flutes
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