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****THIS IS FOR THE INPERSON EVENT AT SCLC CHAPEL. Please go to this LINK BELOW if you want the Online Version, Thank you****

Please join us on selected Thursday evenings in person or online.

Experience initiatory transmissions of embodied mystical science from different wisdom traditions empowering you and those present with direct visionary awareness through an open heart. Each evening is a concert, an oasis and quanta play backstage at universal studio lab theatre. Receive an activation of deep compassion and joy through sound healing: the power and presence of mystic texts, ecstatic poetry and music. Intimate, relaxing and inspiring, with an opportunity to interact with Gabriella as she shares stories from her spiritual journey.

Verify for yourself! This inner intuitive knowing is another knowing, another knowledge - practical and needed now. Drink from this Stream and serve Humanity this elixir.


Here are dates and themes:


Thursday July 7, Cosmic Birthing and Passion

A Larger Reality and Playground, the Summoning Power

"This is not a Day on any Calendar" - Rumi

Rumi, Rilke, Hafiz and Gabriela Mistral


Thursday August 4, Vast and Intimate - Love's Glory

Unveiling the Heart

"Love's Glory is no small thing.

Do you know how beautiful you are?" - Rumi


Thursday August 25, Verify for Yourself!

Nature of Mystical Science, Holy Encounters,

Illumined theophanic events of the Soul

the 'hidden and the revealed'


Thursday September 22, Equinox Straight Talk with the Beloved!

The Beloved's Alchemical Fire;

Presence and Power of the Living Word

Rumi's Fire Poems and Egyptian


Thursday October 20, Primordial Attunement Inner Research...

Immensity and Intensity at the Core of your Being

Participatory Research along the Way, naturally settle in essential awareness

Padmasambhava...Living Buddha Zen

"I am the locus of unbounded creativity!" - Padmasambhava


Thursday November 17, Prelude to Rumi's Wedding on December 17

Bhakti Ecstatic Love and Straight Talk

Women Poets of Devotion, Adoration

Mahadeviyakkha, Lalla, Mirabi, Hadewich II and Kabir

"In each moment, be aware - and live there!" - Lalla


All video of live evenings are available for purchace $11 please email:


For more info call Gabriella 928.282.1277


Gabriella Young is a visionary performance and recording artist known for her performances of the initiatory poetry of Rumi and other spiritual masters. Collaborating with international musicians, her concerts are symphonies of consciousness celebrating ecstatic reunion with the Beloved, universal harmony and compassion. Programs, retreats and recordings gift an embodied experience of gnostic vision at the heart of all wisdom traditions.

"Gabrielle Young has honed her being and her art. She is not merely a marvelous interpreter of Rumi’s poetry, but a transmitter of its sacred fire. She is an alchemist of word, gesture and movement." - Andrew Harvey (Author, Poet, Mystic Activist)

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