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John Dumas is a certified Shamanic Astrologer offering individual and couple chart analysis in person or over the phone. Shamanic Astrology is an evolving system developed by Daniel Giamario that has emerged from direct experience of Daniel and others in their relationship to the unfolding mysteries. It is an earth centered and archetypal approach with a strong emphasis on soul purpose and expressed as a counseling session. This system is a study of intent designed to empower our lives based on the principal “As Above, So Below.”


Sessions are in person or over Skype $150

For booking: 

Please contact John by email:

"My astrology session with John was a very profound, life changing moment. John has such a personal touch and rapport delivering pure wisdom and messages that stayed with me for a long time (and will continue to be). He has truly shifted some core concepts in my life with a handful sessions (I decided to have another one after the first individual reading and plan to have more in the future). I consider him my "sage" and one of the key people I have met in this once in a lifetime journey opportunity."     


~ Debora K.



"Hi John, just wanted to say thank you so so much. I just listened to my astrology reading again and feel as elated and positive and excited as I did when you first did it for me back in May at the dragon fly village. You are so skilled."


~ Nicola W.



"If you want a deeper look at the influence the position of your stars make on your life, a session with John Dumas-master Shamanic Astrologer of our time, will take you there. He has a wonderful way of expressing the deeper truth of how you move in the world and dives into the unseen roles that your soul has undertaken to fulfill your life's purpose."


~ Amalia C.

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